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Donald Pfouts, Ph.D. / Life Coach / Counseling

A Little More About Donald Pfouts, Ph.D.

His first major career was in law enforcement where he served for 21 years. Most of his time was spent as a criminal investigator. In the last half of his career he specialized in behavioral issues, relationship, families, family violence, abuse, PTSD, sex crimes, and anger management. Working in these areas provided great insight into understanding human behavior. He also became an advocate for women’s issues and worked on legislative efforts to provide greater protection for women.

After his career in law enforcement, he held positions in administration, leadership training, and as a facilitator for men’s court ordered violence counseling. He has also served as the coordinator of family violence programs for a neighboring county which included oversight of a child advocacy center, a women’s shelter, and domestic violence program.

He has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science; a Master of Arts degree and a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling Psychology. He has served as a counselor for a traditional  counseling agency, and for the past ten years, he served over 9000 clients as a pastoral counselor.  His experience also has involved addiction recovery. 

He is currently offering Life Coaching in his private practice.

Time For A Change

If you want to learn more about why we do the things we do, and gain an understanding about why it is difficult at times to change those behaviors, I would be honored to serve you.

Let's work together.

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Don Pfouts provides coaching / counseling for Individuals, couples, and families. This also includes marriage counseling and premarital preparation.