What We Do

Our Mission

Our Mission is threefold: 

To transform our communities by preparing youth to succeed in life, through positive mentoring relationships and to connect a broad range of community groups and leaders to support responsible mentoring initiatives.

To promote mentoring as a strategy to prevent youth violence, substance abuse, school drop-outs, and other negative behaviors which limit a young individual’s prospects for success; and to offer alternative grass-root programming to schools and communities with a particular focus on at-risk youth to reverse the negative trends of violence, bullying and drugs existing in our communities. 

To focus on implementing school programs that provide examples of success through life coaching, mentoring and sharing experiences of people who have made choices of consequence, both good and bad; and to provide mentoring opportunities that encourage the disciplines needed to develop personally and professionally in order to succeed in life 

Our Purpose

To connect with at-risk youth and their communities by reaching out to Residents, Local and Community Leaders, Schools, Churches and particularly to reach the community’s Youth (from adolescent to young adult.) To provide them with structured mentoring programs by utilizing sports programs and life skill development workshops as a platform for building self-value, self-discipline, self-confidence and consideration for others. In addition, we want participants to learn good decision making; to fully understand the value and need for education, personal and spiritual well-being, etiquette; a sense of belonging; and self-confidence to develop valuable interpersonal life skills. This in turn will aide in their ability to be successful and to attain their goals for life. Our goal is to produce a vision of hope for each participant through mentoring, personal attention, personal interaction, genuine caring and concern, so they may choose the alternative attainable pathway of choice for success in their future.  

We're Here To Help

Global Life Skills Development Associates provides an in school mentor program for Middle and High school aged youth. We administer the evidence based mentoring program known as the  Phoenix Curriculum. This effective curriculum is being successfully administered in several other states in both city and county jurisdictions in the US.

The Phoenix Curriculum guides students to develop self-efficacy in identifying and addressing the highest risk factors which often lead to substance abuse, violence, bullying, gang involvement, and other self-destructive or criminal behaviors.  In the Phoenix program, self-efficacy will include the ability to recognize high risk people, places, things, and situations, and to develop the confidence to handle these risk factors effectively using their new capabilities. The new information provides skills to include coping options for avoidance, escape, refusal, gang resistance, and violence prevention.