Who We Are

Donald Pfouts, Ph.D.

 Donald Pfouts, Ph.D. Life Coach/Counselor, has provided coaching and counseling service for over 25 years. He's held a previous career in law enforcement and has specialization in behavioral issues, families, family violence, physical abuse, psychological/emotional abuse, and sex abuse. He holds a bachelor degree in Behavioral Sciences and a Master of Arts and a Ph.D. in Counseling & Psychology. As a Life Coach/Counselor, he has provided over 9,000 hours of client services and has presented lectures and informational presentations to both local and international communities. He also specializes in marriage counseling, premarital preparation and offers coaching/counseling for individuals, couples, and families.  

Bernard Hopkins

   Bernard Hopkins is a former professional basketball player and is now the head basketball coach at Hagerstown Community College in Maryland. Mr. Hopkins is an experienced coach and has administered sports based youth programs, camps, and mentoring programs over the past years. He has an incredible talent for connecting with young people. He holds a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice, and he is also a living example of success in how he developed his personal values, disciplines, decisions, and determination in life, that propelled him from the negative influence and challenges of inner city life to an opportunity that led him to an outstanding professional basketball career.